Global XLR helps businesses accelerate global expansion by bringing 3C’s to clients: Customer, Capital and China. We focus on increasing domestic and international sales for businesses by using our extensive resources, expert knowledge and vast connections in both Asia and the United States.

  • We help W/MBEs and SBEs to grow by bringing corporate buyers, and investing in W/MBEs and SBEs with good potential.
  • We push supplier information into buyers’ Supplier Management Systems.
  • We assist clients in establishing strategic partnerships and implementing growth strategies through mergers and acquisitions.

We help companies with China Sourcing, expand business product lines and reduce costs. We help clients to

  • Find qualified Chinese suppliers
  • Meet specific specs and detailed requirements
  • Control products and services qualities
  • Manage Projects
  • Source products in China, and outsource services to China
  • Enter global markets, including China

We leverage Supplier Diversity strategies to help certifiable MBE and WBE companies to get certified, and to help certified MBE or WBEs to expand globally. Our clients typically

  • Are capable of providing a large amount of product or service to large corporations (e.g. Fortune 1000)
  • Can leverage China to expand product lines and/or to reduce cost
  • Enter global markets including China

Contact Us

Phone: 01-832-541-5558



US Offices:

4550 W. Oakey Blvd. Suite 111-B, Las Vegas, NV 89102

7707 Fannin St., Suite 200, Houston, TX, 77054

China Office :

1355 Jinji Lake Avenue, Suite 1911, SIP, Jiangsu 215021