Oversea Strategy

Oversea Strategy

Our goal is to provide clients with competitive but not excessive customized strategic solution so as to guarantee that every product can successfully find its place in overseas market, therefore clients’ anticipation can be achieved.

From AECsoft and Transworld Capital to Globalization Accelerator, our team believes in the philosophy of integrity and transparency, effective and efficiency, cultural penetration and brand recognition. Our team will talk to clients directly so that the team can better understand client’s real needs and further improve existing products, thus improve current products, and develop new products.

Our transparent operation allow clients to fully understand competition tendency in the market so as to take measures timely to meet market variation. Our team also create brand in oversea market, steadily improve market share and brand loyalty, and gradually replace traditional OEM model.

When getting corporate culture & products localized, our team will provide transnational culture training, management & sensibility training for employees so as to gradually enrich corporate culture implication and the derivative penetration and further realize successful integration of local senses & corporate culture.

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